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The Importance of Key Cutting Services Such as Garage Door and Mortice Key Cutting

For every lock, there is a particular type of key. Keys are without a doubt, not objects that are “one size fits all”. The problem with locks and keys can be that sometimes keys get lost, they break, or they simply need to be replaced. A lost, broken or damaged key can undoubtedly be a huge inconvenience or source of stress for anyone as you scramble to find a replacement. The locksmith professionals at EVOLVE Locksmithing can offer you specific key cutting services aside from regular residential, commercial or automotive key replacement.

Mortice Key Cutting

While all keys require a specific type of machinery to be created, the creation of mortice keys can often be in a world of their own due to the shape and look of the key. Mortice keys usually have a very old style. They became a trend in the eighteenth century, and although the locks and keys have developed by leaps and bounds since that time, they still hold a certain charm to their owners.


Mortice key cutting is unique and specific because of the shape that is created and, therefore, requires a master locksmith’s touch. Mortice locks are typically older and with that comes a very particular type of cutting to accommodate the lock mechanism. The accuracy required to create a mortice key must be beyond measure so as not to damage the lock, which could potentially be older.


Garage Door Key Cutting

Getting into a garage is usually something a person has to do every day for one reason or another. Whether you are trying to gain access to retrieve something or you are trying to go to work and need to get in your car, a lost or broken garage key can cause significant issues.

Garage door keys tend to be smaller. However, a garage key is just as important (if not more at times) as a house key or a car key. While the look of the lock may seem simple, the creation of a new garage door key would require an expert touch which only a seasoned locksmith would be able to provide. To avoid any harm to not only the lock but to the garage door, it is always advisable to have the locksmith come to your home to access the lock to allow for the creation of a new key quickly and accurately.


Professional Key Cutting Service with EVOLVE Locksmithing

With 16 years of experience, we can service a wide variety of key cutting needs. We understand that when it comes to creating a key, there is no room for error. We strive always to get your key right the first time and meet your standards with our skilful service. To learn more about our key cutting services, please call 0477 191 961 or visit us to discuss your requirements.

We offer reliable and affordable services and our fully qualified staff are on standby you assist you in all your locksmith requirements so that you can keep everything safe under lock and key.


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